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Passionate developer, my job is to learn yours to showcase it.

Making websites, automation, optimization, mailing, scripting, methodological coaching, agility, DevOps, continuous integration, training ... All areas in which I delight to offer my skills to improve your processes and reduce costs.

Computers should never be a barrier or constraint in your job. I try to provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Area of expertise


  • Defining application architectures
  • Python Development
  • JavaScript development
  • Industrialization (, deployment...)

Processes et development tools

  • Configuration management
  • Deployment


  • Agility (Scrum, XP, Kanban, ...)
  • DevOps
  • Test Driven Development
  • Continuous integration, continuous delivery



August 2013 - October 2019
Etalab, Paris

In charge of the site, the french open data platform, I stand on all aspects of its life cycle, including:

  • Platform design and development (Python / JavaScript)
  • Open-source community management (free software)
  • Platform administration
  • and infrastructures administration

Beyond the innovative aspects and selection techniques, is some inedit tools and methods within the administration:

  • Agility gives us reactivity and delivery in record time
  • DevOps enables us to maintain ourselves the platform
  • We interact directly with the community

A rewarding project technically and humanly, all with a positive social impact.

Techlead GeoData

February 2012 - August 2013
Mappy, Paris

After the merge between Mappy and UrbandDive, I join the COre/Data team to help to the agility transition and perform the following missions:

  • Continuous integration setup (Jenkins / shell / Python / Fabric)
  • DevOps practices initialization
  • Process scheduler enhancement (Python / Django)
  • Indoor panoramic views backoffice development (Python / Django / Javascript / KRPano / AWS)
  • Spatial data integration batches development (Python / PostgreSQL/PostGIS / Oracle Spatial / GDAL)
  • New maps realization (style, data,...):
  • Data integration from multiple providers (TomTom, IGN, ...)
  • Data optimization for the loclization and routes services
  • Data optimisation for multiple zoom levels display
  • Mapnik templates realization
  • Specific internal tools development

J2EE and GeoData expert

July 2011 - February 2012

Within the GeoData team (a Mappy subsidiary company), I had to work on the follwing topics:

  • Software factory improvements (Nexus / Jenkins / Maven / shell)
  • POI integration batches development for partners providers (Java / MongoDB)
  • Street views blurring backoffice enhancement and optimization (Flex / php / MySQL / Python / AWS)
  • POI and Street views servers architecture improvements (Java / Jersey / REST / MongoDB / AWS)
  • Indoor 360 views gathering and generation process industrialization (Ruby)

J2EE Consultant

May 2011 - July 2011
Société Générale Security Services, La Défense

Short mission to perform the following tasks:

  • Software factory platform setup (Maven / Jenkins / Nexus / Selenium)
  • Legacy scenarios Sélénium coverage
  • MongoDB usage introduction for the OPCVM metrics

Continuous integration expert

August 2010 - April 2011
Kompass, Courbevoie

Processes and tooling modernization mission, including:

  • Agile methodologies bootstrap (Scrum / XP)
  • Subversion to Git migration
  • Continuous integration platform setup (Maven / Jenkins / Nexus)
  • Miscellaneous improvements on the Kompass web site (Oracle Portal / EJB2)

Techlead J2EE

July 2009 - July 2010
Parnasse (Orange), Paris

Custom CRM implementation for Parnasse using Scrum methodology:

  • Quality and technical processes management and improvements

  • Software factory implementation (Nexus / Jenkins / Maven / Sonar)

  • Coding guidelines realisation

  • Gestion et amélioration des processus technique et qualité

  • Mise en place d’une usine logicielle (Maven / Hudson / Sonar / Nexus)

  • Mise en place de règles et conventions de développement

  • Formalisation et automatisation du processus de livraison

  • Amélioration du processus de gestion de configuration

  • Conception et migration vers une nouvelle architecture :

  • Découpage propre en couches

  • Migration de Dojo Toolkit vers Flex 4 et Swiz

  • Nettoyage de l’API REST/JSON (Spring MVC / Spring JSON)

  • Exposition de l’API en AMF (BlazeDS / Spring AMF)

  • Encadrement technique de l’équipe

Ingénieur d’étude J2EE

January 2009 - July 2009
Parnasse (Orange), Lyon

Réalisation d’un outil de recomposition de factures au format PDF. Projet pilote sur Scrum et sur Maven/Spring/Flex chez IT&Labs. Réalisation complète de la conception jusqu’à la mise en exploitation. Expérimentation d’outils et méthodes innovants chez IT&Labs :

  • Intégration continue
  • Test Driven Development
  • Maven
  • Flex / Flex mojos

Ingénieur d’étude

July 2008 - January 2009
Orange Business Services/IT&Labs, Lyon

Amélioration de la qualité et de l’expérience utilisateur sur Woodi, l’outil gestion de demande de plateformes de développement de France Télécom

  • Dynamisation de l’interface avec jQuery
  • Structuration des couches
  • Mutualisation des classes utilitaires en un framework documenté
  • Amélioration du processus de gestion de configuration et de livraison


December 2007 - June 2008
Orange Business Services/IT&Labs, Lyon

Projet de fin d'études sur le thème "Les frameworks Web 2.0" Au cours de ce projet j'ai étudié les aspects intéressants du "Web 2.0" pour l'entreprise et défini un périmètre d'application pour les projets et les collaborateurs IT&Labs. Nous avons alors effectué un comparatif complets de différents frameworks permettant de réaliser des interfaces utilisateurs dites "riches". Nous avons documentés les frameworks retenus et formés certains collaborateurs à leur utilisation.


Some of my open-source projects

udata (and its plugins) - A customisable opendata portal
Flask-RESTPlus - Fully featured framework for fast, easy and documented API development with Flask
Flask-FS - Simple and easy file storages for Flask
Gonja - A Jinja2 implementation in Go

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Test driven development

Continuous Delivery








System administration


Bash (Scripting)


Amazon Web Services

Docker (and ecosystem)

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